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About this game

This is an action-adventure game that requires you to use your brain.

This is a top-view action-adventure game.
There are no experience points or level-up elements.
The protagonist will remain weak all the time, so use your brain to break through levels!

Take away enemies’ magic with “Magic Paper”!

You can use magic paper to steal and use enemies’ magic.There is a lot of magic in this game.
Each magic has its own unique properties.
Let’s think how magical properties can be used to break through levels!

No one has ever seen a way to defeat a boss like this!

Enemy bosses have orders of magnitude higher hp and attack power!
The mediocre protagonist will have no chance of winning if he fights head-to-head.
Observe the stage and the behavior of the enemies carefully to discover clues to defeat Enemy bosses!
Especially when you notice how to defeat the bosses at the end of each stage, you are sure to be impressed!

Chapters will be distributed in four parts

Chapter 1 has been released.
Chapter 2 and later will be available as DLC.
Once the release date is decided, it will be announced on YouTube and Twitter.



Available from September 22, 2023.
(Previously, there was a bug that the page existed but could not be used.
I apologize for the inconvenience. )

I would be very happy if you could report bugs or ask questions.

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